About Us

How Peanut Planet got started

I have collected packing peanuts as a hobby since I was around five years old. My interest as a collector is in rare types of packing peanuts that are difficult to find. Because these types make up a very small percentage of the packing peanuts in circulation, I often have to sort through thousands of peanuts to find just a few that I want to keep. This leaves me with large volumes of unwanted packing materials that need to be discarded.

Since I have always been passionate about recycling, I decided to connect with companies that accept packing peanuts for reuse or recycling. In recent years, I have formed such connections with multiple local companies that recycle packing peanuts. Unfortunately, foam and packing peanut recycling are not that profitable, so these companies often either stop accepting packing materials or close completely. 

At the same time, there is an ongoing demand for packing materials that are both affordable and environmentally friendly. While some companies accept used packing materials for their own shipping needs, few companies offer used packing peanuts to the public.

In 2017, I decided to combine my interest as a packing peanut collector with my interest in recycling by forming Peanut Planet. We have two main goals: to provide recyclers with an environmentally friendly way to dispose of various types of reusable packing materials, and to offer no-cost, environmentally responsible packing materials to the public. We look forward to providing these services to you.

Thomas Bregnard

Founder of Peanut Planet